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Mexican Bola Pendant harmony ball Gifts

Mexican Bola Pendants make the perfect Christmas Gift for any expectant Mum-to-be.

Beat the Christmas rush! Mexican Bola Pendants are a Lafeenoire Maternity best seller this time of year. Be quick before the beautiful designs go out of stock

A New Mum Christmas present to show you care about her and the new baby she carries, offered in many beautiful and unique designs exclusively available from Lafeenoire Maternity

This affordable gift is sure to get appreciation.

Mexican Bola pendants have been used for hundreds and years and mexican women swear by them for use during pregnancy and beyond. For within the womb your baby can hear the gentle chimes from the Harmony Ball Pendant as it rests upon the baby bump. The soft tune is said to sooth and caress the baby within and ensure a calm stressfree pregnancy. Following birth use the pendant as a necklace, on a shorter chain or leather thong whilst breast feeding. During the baby nursing your newborn will recognise the soothing chime and again relax to ensure a successful and fulfilling breast feed

These beautiful pendants make superb jewellery gifts too so be quick and choose your style in time for Christmas. Last date for Delivery in time for Christmas is Dec 18th First Class.

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