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Reflexology – Perfect Pre-pregnancy Relaxation!

Reflexology promotes a sense of well being and internal health

Lafeenoire recommends: Reflexology. A treatment therapy for anyone suffering pretty much from anything! We love it and have used it in the past and currently for help with anything from migraines, neuralgia , and especially backache.

The Alternative Therapy is based on the principle that the reflexes in our hands and feet correspond to dfferent parts of the body including the organs and glands. Your therapist will use her anatomical knowlege to apply deep and light pressure over the nerve endings network within the feet and hands

Maternity reflexology can greatly help with your fertility by balancing the hormones with stimulus tot the uterus and ovaries too.

Each person has the therapy tailored specifically to address the condition they want help with. Conditions this treatment is helpful with include and isnt restricted to Back and Neck pain, shoulder problems and sciatica, phsyical and psychological stress, hayfever, ashtma, eczema, psoriasis , SPD in pregnancy, eating and anxiety disorders, weight problems , tinnitus and much more besides

Reflexology is also effective used pre or post operation as it greatly improves the recovery process whilst relaxing the body to aid in its own healing.

Fertility treatments are well supplimented by Maternity reflexology and you should ask your therapist if she specializes in this area  or if she is general. A General reflexologist can of course help with most of the ailments mentioned here .

Make a friend of your reflexologist as a good one is worth her weight in gold!

Not only can Reflexology benefit grown ups but it is also superb for babies and children for the same issues , great for promotion of normal sleep patterns etc.

Having spent many years trying various Alternative therapies with various professionals i can honestly say reflexology works for me, I love it and always benefit so I can happily recommend my Therapist to you

Tell her Rachel sent you!

Sue Quayle is a published Complementary Therapist and the best Reflexologist. I have known her for several years. She runs courses on the subject and encourages mums to treat their babies too..



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