C-Section Recovery – Abdomend FAQ

Will Belly Binding Help?

Can I wear the Bikini Belt during late pregnancy, or after a Vaginal birth?

Wear any of our belts to aid in the support of your tummy while pregnant or postpartum for either C-Section Recovery or after Vaginal Birth. By using the the extra support strap you will experience added tummy support or you can reverse it and increase your lower back support. Please be aware that the material may stretch, if worn during pregnancy, and may not be as snug for your post birth support. The Hem-It-In belt has elastic, so it will retain more of its supportive qualities .

How long should I open the belt for while resting and baby sleeps?

Please open your belt for 20-60 minutes a couple of times a day, or as you desire. Your skin needs to breathe free from any obstruction. Wash your belt while fastened, in cold water and hang to dry. Wash before you first put it on, and later every couple of days. We want to minimize your chances of irritation or infection, since you are more sensitive after being in the Hopsital with all of the chemical exposure, stretching and sewing of the skin.

How long should I wear the Bikini Belt and strap, or the Hem It In belt?

On day one before you get out of bed, put on the soft and cozy Bikini belt. Wear the belt through the first month. Put belt on while lying down for maximum comfort. Our belts are meant to be worn against your skin, but are shown over clothing for demonstration purposes only. Remember to always allow your skin to breathe while baby sleeps and you are in bed, by opening the belt. If you have a back ache, put on the extra strap across the back, from hip to hip, for extra support.

The Hem- It- In is great for the 2nd month when you need easy yet discreet support. Driving and carrying baby can stress the abdominals, so instead of hurting yourself, protect and support yourself until you strengthen your core.

How do I Put On the AbdoMend™ Binder & Strap?

Its easy to put on your belt! Put belt on while lying down, at least for the first week and later you can put it on while standing. Photos show how to put on belt while standing for a better view.

  • Slip belt with flat side in right hand.
  • Wrap right side over to left hip, and bring lower strap across abdomen first, then pull the top strap to your comfort level, and attach.

The soft cotton is great even against the most sensitive skin after the surgery. Don’t forget to wash your belt in cold water and line drying before putting it on.

Why do I need to massage my scar, won’t it heal on its own?

History has shown that with the proper attention at the beginning of the healing process for a scar can help create a smaller and less painful scar. The tissue fibers need to be massaged for increased circulation and organized for minimal scarring.

Your body will heal on its own, but a little help can make a big difference. We show you month by month how to approach your abdominal scar, and with just a little attention daily, you can help your body heal with great results. Avoid bladder, reproductive, and back pain issues with scar therapy. These techniques can be applied anywhere there is a scar on the body.

Will the belt interfere with my incision healing?

The belt is designed to prevent unnecessary tearing and strain on your incision, so that the final scar will be smaller. That is why we suggest you put it on before you get out of bed the first time. The belts were designed to speed your recovery. Support and protect the deep incision with the belt. Rolling onto your side to feed baby, moving around in bed and getting out of bed are so much easier when you wear the belt.

  • Feel free to open the belt as you lie in bed to let your incision breathe and be open to the air.
  • Wear your Bikini belt as long as you wish but definitely for the first month.
  • Wear the Hem It In belt for the 2nd month when you need continued support, but need something a little smaller and more discreet under your clothes.

C-Section Recovery involves compressing the abdominal tissue to reduce pain, and can lead to a smaller scar with fewer problems. Remember to consult your doctor if you have any redness, heat, or pain from an area that looks infected. If skin very itchy, use the dry skin brush on the abdomen to “scratch” the skin. It stimulates the lymphatic flow, reduces swelling and increases circulation. Follow directions in our book , but always dry skin brush toward heart, or if below belly button, gently down toward pubic bone.

Will I have a big scar if I don’t wear the belt, or do the massage?

Chances are your scar will be wider, and there are more opportunities for your scar to break open, especially if you have a toddler and a newborn, and need to pick up the bigger one. Twisting, lifting, and sudden moves all have an impact on an unsupported, uncompressed abdomen that went through major surgery.

Part of your  C-Section Recovery should include Massage therapy. When done in a consistent manner, this can have a big impact not only on the size of the scar, but the quality of the softness of the tissue. Our massage techniques don’t use any oil, so you can do them anytime.

Why should I wear the belt?

Wear the Bikini Belt to reduce pain, increase comfort moving around and protect your incision from tearing, so the scar is smaller.

  • Compress the abdomen reduces pain and discomfort so you can move around more easily!
  • Your core stomach muscles had the fascia surrounding them cut and the muscles were stretched open during the operation to delver the baby. Getting up and down out of bed is difficult and painful after birth.
  • Our soft cotton does not cut into your skin or side, but still offers the support that you need after the surgery. It is easy to wash and is adjustable by 8 inches, therefore, its easy to lose weight and still have support with our belt.
  • Put belt on while lying down for maximum support. Put belt on before you first get out of bed to protect yourself from tearing.
  • Wear it as long as you like, but definitely the first 3 weeks post C Section. Open the belt while lying down so your skin can breathe easily.
  • The belt was designed to give support after C Section birth, or a vaginal birth. It can also be worn when you are pregnant.
  • If you wear the Bikini belt in late pregnancy, the material may stretch.

Why should I use the belt and do the scar massage?

Our C-Section Recovery belts protects your incision, and speeds your recovery:
An unsupported abdomen, with the stretched skin from the pregnancy, can make the incision tear, just from gravity. Compressing the abdomen is an ancient tool for healing and returning to your pre pregnancy size. A swollen, painful and problematic scar can occur without support.

Internal organs like the uterus need support:
Your uterus needs to shrink back and the belt supports it in place. The bladder and intestines moved around from the pregnancy and also need support.

Massage is an ancient tool used by women:
Massage increases circulation so you heal faster after the operation. Massage decreases swelling, helps with constipation, and organizes the tissue for a softer scar. Avoid the skin hanging over the incision or a lumpy scar. We show you easy self help techniques in our c section recovery booklet.

Focus on the baby, not the pain!:
Maui Healing Kits LLC developed the C section Recovery kit to provide that extra postpartum support. Our suggested program is designed to be complementary to your Obstetrician’s orders and does not substitute for your Doctors guidelines.

Will my scar open if I have sex too soon?

You should wait and discuss a time line with your doctor. Wait at least a month, so as to heal without getting any infections, as the surgery opened your system to infection. Both the catheter that you had in you after surgery and the incision healing, can create other problems. Keep your abdomen supported and protected, to help if you feel vulnerable with your scar. Remember to keep massaging your abdomen and scar. Talk about your vulnerability with your husband or partner, ask them to massage you. Allow yourself to support one another during this intimate time together.