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This is the first of my personal baby product reviews…- its likely news to you that I now have a 10 month old baby boy in my life. Gorgeous and hungry and a great sleeper so I cant ask for more. The most interesting part is I now get to really put baby and new mum products to the test. Never mind blogging and offering myself as someone who can take freebies and may or may not blog on them..

Yes there are many greedy new mums out there who think that’s cool. I don’t and have experienced it many times. So, the good news is I will show you honest reviews on my own products, some of which I may even dislike and they will end up in a bargain basement on Ebay.
So my first of many Baby Products to review is the Travel Bottle Warmer  Heat your baby milk on the go, great in the car for trips out and a must for hungry baby

Travel Bottle warmerOnly £15 in Green or Purple

From  my past experience I wished I had one with my daughter (now 10) and so this time round I made sure I nabbed one of the few remaining from my stock…In purple at her request, despite my baby being a boy? NO matter

Anyway I was pleased the wire bit and cigarette lighter attachment have their own discreet pocket so they are hidden away. I would note that the Tommee Tippee Back to Nature bottles are not the best shape to push into the insulation lining as a bit of a tight fit. I suggest the best bottles would be the Avent straight sided ones for this product to work at its best .

The robust canvas fabric is sturdy and wipe clean and a cute bright colour with pattern and I think a bargain at just £15 and that’s even if I were buying it myself. I would pay this happily as its really quite handy . As a new mum (for the 4th time, I know right!!? 🙂 I am determined that I only use the things I actually need and find useful, attractive or practical. When I had my first I simple HAD to have everything that came with the tag ‘Baby Essential’ That is actually a nonsense and a waste of money so be advised, if it seems a gimmick you probably wont need or use it…

The milk from a cold standing start took about 3o minutes to be optimum temperature so I recommend you put it in as soon as you set off depending on when you need to feed little one. Or if you have a full day ahead, heat your milk and let it cool to right temperature and keep it warm in the Warmer for when you need it. Either way it worked great considering the bottle shape I have is not ideal

Mine stays in the car now but could be used also as a bottle holder in its own right of course

Available in Purple or Green there are only a couple left so grab one as I give this product 4 stars out of a possible 5 (my own rating !) It only dropped one star as my thoughts are it should fit every bottle but that’s my fault really

ravel Bottle Warmer 2 Colours

Travel Bottle Warmer

Thanks for dropping by

Rache x