//Buggy Blanket / Nursing Cover brown


Buggy Blanket / Nursing Cover brown

Description: Buggy Blanket / Nursing Cover Brown is a multi-functional stroller blanket and breastfeeding baby product


  • Cuddly soft baby blanket , cozy for on the go or at home
  • Waterproof Oxford cloth
  • Warm woollen lining
  • Hand wash warm
  • 76 cm x 69 cm
  • Great for holding/carrying baby outdoor walking, shopping, travelling
  • Clip neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby
  • Windproof blanket
  • Fits all Baby Stroller/Buggy brands
  • Unisex Chocolate Brown


Additional information

Fondant Colours

Brown ", " Teal ", "Plum ", "Pink", "Black", "Pink Stripe ", "Black Flower ", "Grey ", "Blue", "Aqua", "Beige", "Fern", "Mauve", "Chocswirl


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