//Caesarean Belt Theraline – C-Section Recovery Set

Caesarean Belt Theraline – C-Section Recovery Set


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(4 customer reviews)

Caesarean Belt Theraline – C- Section Recovery Set

1 in stock


Caesarean Belt Theraline – C-Section Recovery Set

Description: Caesarean Belt Theraline – C- Section Recovery Set allows new mothers to quickly resume normal daily activities with more confidence.

The Caesarean Belt Theraline pack contains:

♥ Caesarean Belt – Made of stretchy fabric, the belt provides practical soft support and has a pocket to hold the additional inserts.

♥ Protective Shield insert – A lightweight protective plastic shield protects the scar from accidental bumps and provides reassurance

This allows new mothers to enjoy bonding with their baby and resume normal daily activities with more confidence.

♥ Pillow insert – The pillow insert can be used with any of the other inserts to enhance comfort and protection.

♥  Warm pack insert – After Caesarean birth, many mothers feel uncomfortable uterus contractions and the gentle warmth of the Cherry Stone Pillow soothes these contractions.

♥ Cool pack insert – This can be used to soothe the swollen Caesarean scar and relieve pain and itching as well.

Machine washable at 60 degrees C. Fits waist 28 inches to 44 inches.

Offered in one size only

4 reviews for Caesarean Belt Theraline – C-Section Recovery Set

  1. sam

    Would definitely recommend. The cherry stone pillow is a bonus when heated which help ease lower abdomen pains after my c-section. Also I want to state that I “accidentally” ordered 2 instead of 1 of this item, the seller immediately contacted me to query whether I meant to order 1 and not 2, before sending. What a rare and honest service to receive from a seller to whom I am very grateful, Tk U. (Posted on 3/11/2014)

  2. Paul F

    Genius! Really helped my partner after our cesarean birth! I highly recommend product for any healing cesarean scars! We were told we could use this after we double checked with the dr after a few days. (Posted on 1/2/2015)

  3. Vicky hodgson

    arrived on time. product as described. havnt yet had c section therefore not yet used (Posted on 7/19/2015)

  4. Bhavna Baines

    Quick dispatch and very good caesaean belt. Would recommend item and seller 🙂 (Posted on 7/19/2015)

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