Universal Buggy Clips X 2

Pram Pushchair Shopping Bag Hook Clips

Description: Universal Buggy Clips X 2

  • Small Buggy Clips
  • Comes With Velcro Adjustable Strap.
  • Made from durable, heavy-duty aluminium
  • Easy to clip On and Off & Very Strong Made Of Aluminium.
  • Strong, safe and secure clips can fit on any buggy, pushchair, pram and stroller,
  • Clip Your Hand Bag, Shopping Bags, Clothing & Toys On These Very Useful Buggy Clips.
  • Fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts.
  • Useful for clipping your grocery bags together so that you can carry several bags from your car to house without putting any strains on your hands
  • On the school run you can clip gym bags, school book bags and lunch bags together.
  • N.B. Never overload your buggy