//Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand

Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand


Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand is a range of effective Caesarean recovery belts and bands. Created in Hawaii by a C Section Mum who saw a need for immediate relief following a C-Section.

  • Over 35% of Births result in an elective or emergency cesarean so this product is a must for all mums who may face this reality.

Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand is the key offering from Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand and therefore a Must-have for every hospital bag. In the case of an emergency C-Section its imperative to aid your recovery.

  • Therapeutic massage, meditations & skin brushing are enhanced by these health care procedures that are time proven remedies for childbirth and surgical recovery.
  • Reshape your tummy after pregnancy and surprise yourself and your man with your quick return to post pregnancy belly.
  • Give us a try and we’ll help to ensure that you are happy with all your purchases.
  • Lafeenoire Maternity is the Exclusive European Distributor of Abdomend Products


  • Compression is the solution to being able to walk more easily and feel & look better, especially if you give birth in the Hospital.
  • Compression with the smoothest of soft belly binder brings your tummy closer to your heart for a sense of security.
  • Compression pushes tissue closer together and reduces stress and pain. The details to deliver a binder that fits to your shape have been incorporated into our unique design with the extra strap.
  • Compression with a core binder brings you closer into your core for a sense of security.

Prepare your hospital bag before having baby by adding our soft binders Recovery Kit!

  • Reshape your tummy after pregnancy and surprise him with your quick rebound. We use techniques and comments to update our designs to guarantee the product works and is up to your standards.
  • You will never be disappointed when purchasing a product from Abdomend™
  • The Abdomend C-Section Recovery #1 US Brand range consists of the Caesarean Recovery Kit, (all you need in your hospital Maternity Bag), Bikini Support w/extra Strap: For Vertical or Horizontal incisions, adjusts at the sides side, for at least 1 – 3 weeks post surgery and the Hem-It-In Core Binder: for fast recovery better recovery from surgery