SPD Belt Hug-a-Bump® #1 Maternity Pelvic Instability Belly Band

SPD Belt Hug-a-Bump® is the belt you need to BUY TODAY

Whether you suffer only slightly from a few aches and pains or extreme pain from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) you will need some form of specific maternity support band often known as a maternity support belt or pregnancy support belt.

SPD Belt Hug-a-Bump® is a Maternity Support belly band exclusive to Lafeenoire Maternity
Designed specifically to support in 3 critical areas, the bump, hip and lumbar region , this fabulous support band is UK Midwife endorsed and currently our best selling product line.

Loved and used by hundreds of grateful pregnant ladies, this best selling SPD Back Support Belt  has fantastic feedback and reviews and is offered with personal support from its creator.

Try SPD Belt Hug-a-Bump® today and benefit from instant relief of pregnancy back pain.

Easy to put on, easy to wear , both during the day and overnight and super flexible for use under any of your maternity clothes.

Offered in 2 sizes and discreet in Smooth Nude.